JOURNEY OF MEGAT & HAZREEN They were in love since Form 3 (2003). Wahh bercinta zaman sekolah eh! Ambouiii gatai :p The best th...


They were in love since Form 3 (2003). Wahh bercinta zaman sekolah eh! Ambouiii gatai :p The best thing is they both are in one class. Thats sweet! No wonder. Hehe. After took PMR then they just talk to each other, its coincidence because they were playing chess together (he even cant remember those things, OMG Megat, boooyahh! Hahahah)

Megat was the one who is hard to approach a girl. He was too slow to express his feeling towards his dream girl (Hazreen) Hihi. Sorry bro, lambat dikebas orang. After they both finish their SPM on 2006, they finally declare themselves as a sweet couple. Ouch! 

One of their bestfriend, Idzat Naqeuddin who is the master-mind. Brother-love bak kata Megat! Power eh lelaki jadi master-mind. Well, i salute you, bro :)

Unfortunately, on his 2nd semester during college, they break off because of long-distance relationship. Seorang utara, seorang selatan. Biasalah kan. But they havent stop seeing each other because they both were a bestfriend at the first place. Megat had to accept that the relationship can't be fix anymore. He had to be fake in front of their other friends. Tapi dalam hati, Allah saja yang tahu. Nasib lah ada kawan-kawan lain yang selalu support. I love you, KCCs!

 Hati kental juga sebab banyak buat aktiviti dengan group, pergi trip lah, bbq lah, konvoi raya lah, everything we did in our grouyp. Fuhhh, pedih beb! Dalam tengah berkumpul ramai-ramai tu memang kawan-kawan asyik usik. Hati berdebar tapi buat cool jelah! Haha. These happened till 2014, she came and approach me! (OMG, shamed on me!). After break-off and declared back, we finally decide to get married. Yayyy! Alhamdulillah :)

'i want a real friendship with someone who i can trust with all my secrets and all my weird habits, I love you, bollocks! - Effy Stonem

'My dearest Megat Mohd Fahmi, you make me complete, you make me smile when i have no reason to. When everything in my life is going wrong, i call you and you make everything better. I love you so much! I didn't know what love meant until i met you' - Your Lovely Wife

'My Love. My Wife. My Everything. Wan Nor Azreen, I love you more than words can show. I think about you more than you could ever know, until forever this will be true. Because there is no one I would ever love the way I LOVE YOU' - Your truth Husband

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