This is my version 'The Wife' When I first met him, I never thought that he's gonna be the one i'm marrying. First i...

This is my version 'The Wife'

When I first met him, I never thought that he's gonna be the one i'm marrying. First impression is definitely 'awhh sure he's a playboy'. But for the 2nd time, 'ahh he's cute!' but still not kinda interested with him. Haha.

But as time goes by, we started to text each other regularly and when we first when out together, I can't believe that I feel butterflies all over 😍😍😍. I wouldn't say that our relationship is all about sugar & honey. Awhhhh!

But heck, our relationship was hell of a ride. There's just something in him that makes me smile alone when I think of him. Even now, eventhough we are married, with a child, I still have this butterflies. My heart still skipped fast when he come back from work.

Whatever feeling I have for him in indescribable but I know I never love anyone else as much as I love him. I know I never want anyone else as much I want him. He changed me to a person that I never thought I could ever be. Even in bad times when we argue, I still seek for his comfort.

If I look back in my life and able to change things, I would still want him to be the one for me but a better person for him definitely! Through laughters and sorrows, he is still the man I wanna look at him before I sleep and first thing in the morning.

'My Hero, My husband, My Forever Love, Fuzz, I promise to be by your side forever and for always. I love you with all my heart. Nothing can do us apart'

My own version 'The Hubby'

Our love story started about 3 years ago. I never thought I would fall so deeply in love with her. Honestly I thought she's a bit loud and brash. Too much 'minah' for me. Little did I know about the real person lying inside of her.

She's the one of the most beautiful person inside and out i've ever met. When you loves that person, you immediately know that she will give you a 100%. She will support and give you everything she has just to make you happy. Even when it makes her sad. That just shows how selfless she is 😢😢

We don't have that much in common but that's why they say, opposite attract 😎😎 . I love spending time with her. Even though she claims I don't talk much but sometimes all you need is your other's half presence. Hehe. Words are just words. One of the highlights for our story was WHEN WE WENT FOR OUR FIRST HONEYMOON! Hell yeahhh, it's Bali babeh! It was a really a treat for me to see the look on her face when she actually travelled for the first time. And i'm blessed it was with me of all people. I wish I can bring us to more adventures and create more memories either abroad or at home.

'NURASIKIN, My Queen, My Sweetest Wife, you are the love of my life. Good days or bad. Even when thins are bad and I say otherwise. I will ALWAYS love you. Now and Forever.'

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